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Parktown Boys' believes in commitment to an ethos of excellence and quality, honesty, integrity and gentlemanly conduct, tolerance and empathy, trust and respect, self-discipline, initiative and enterprise, leadership and team spirit, full participation, personal and social achievement, free communication. The motto of Parktown Boys' High School, “Arise”, inspires the tradition, values and spirit of the learners, parents and staff of the Parktonian family.

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Exams Begin!

And with the final whistle blowing full time against St Albans, Parktown ended the term with a great 16-15 win! Congratulations and well done to all our boys who participated in sport this term. It has been one fantastic term of rugby and hockey with some excellent results for Parktown! 

With sport entering an interlude, Parktown Boys' now turns to their next exciting challenge - exams. We would like to wish our boys all the best for the upcoming examinations. Prepare well and good luck! 

Arise Parktown! 


The latest from Parktown Boys


Rugby Highlights - Parktown takes on St Albans in Pretoria! 

Rugby Highlights - Parktown triumphs over Pretoria Boys'! 

Rugby Highlights - Parktown beats St. Benedicts in an epic clash at the Lion's Den! 

Rugby Highlights - Parktown beats Saints - AGAIN! 

Headmaster's Address - Our new Headmaster Mr. Bradley addresses the Parktown community



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Calling the entire Parktown Family!


Parktown Triumphs in the Inaugural SA round of the World Scholar’s Cup

Parktown Boys’ desperately requires sponsorship assistance for three of its teams which recently participated in the inaugural South African round of the World Scholar’s Cup, held in South Africa between 23–24 May and hosted at the Bishop Bavin School in Bedfordview. The outstanding news is this: ALL THREE TEAMS HAVE QUALIFIED FOR THE GLOBAL ROUND TO BE HELD IN KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA! The problem is that we still need to finance 5 boys and an accompanying adult to attend this incredible event! For more details on our sponsorship plea click here

How can you help? Well one the Parktown family has made this incredibly generous offer!

Take the family for a delicious pizza at PICABELLO (66 4th Avenue, Melville)!

De’On Fourie, the owner, has very kindly agreed to donate the money from each pizza sold towards the three WINNING Parktown Boys’ teams which need to travel to Malaysia on 22 June to participate in the World Scholar’s Cup. Please be sure to tell your waitron that you are supporting the Parktown Boys’ teams that are representing South Africa at the Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Your name will be entered into a Lucky Draw – so please support this wonderful initiative and get our boys to Malaysia!

P.S. This offer is valid for both sit-down or take-away orders!
De’On will also deliver in the area!

Feel free to contact Kerry Wilkinson at 082 344 6779 or
at kezwilkinson@gmail.com for further details!


Get these boys to Malaysia!

Thank you for helping these boys!

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Watch this and see why there really is no other choice. Arise!