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Headmaster's Message

In the spirit of honouring and building forth on what my predecessors have entrusted to me, I need to emphasise our holistic approach to Education. Granted that learning and teaching is our core business, we do reiterate the value of sporting and cultural activities in the development of self worth and belonging. The test of a healthy school is not in the beauty, clarity and perfection of its organisational structure, nor in its heritage and traditions, and although these are necessary and fine attributes it is the performance of its people that is the true test and the factor that determines the above. In short, involvement and participation through opportunities will lead to success.

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The War Cry

Solo: Ukuloe Moena Bani
Chorus: Ukuloe Moena Sebi
Solo: Ukuloe Moena Bani
Chorus: Ukuloe Moena Sebi
Solo: Zingti Negeti
Chorus: Illavoo
Zimba Zimba Zimba Zea
Arise – Arise

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